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tabs$ - <FormTabs>

Component used by Tabs.


Name Type Default Description
tabs object - Tabs definition. required
elements$ object - Form element components. required
events array [] Helper property used to store available events.
tabs$ object {} Object of tab$ components.
visible$ object - Returns the visible tab$ components.
current$ object - Returns the current tab$ components.
first$ object - Returns the first tab$ components.


# .on(event, callback)

  • event string : event to listen for.
  • callback function : callback to run when the event is triggered. The this variable refers to the component the listener is set for.

Adds a listener for an event.

# .off(event)

  • event string : event to remove the listeners for.

Removes all listeners for an event.

# .fire(event, args) @returns {any}

  • event string : event to fire.
  • args object : arguments to pass for the event's listeners.

Fires an event.

# .__(expr, data) @returns {string}

  • expr string : expression to be translated using . dot syntax.
  • data object : data to be passed for the expression

Translates an expression to current locale.

# .select(tab)

  • tab object : key of tab in tabs object

Selects a tab.

# .tab$(tab) @returns {wizardStep$}

  • tab object : key of tab in tabs object

Returns a specific tab$.

# .reset()

Reset tabs, meaning selecting first$ tab.


# change

Triggered the tab changes using select method.