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Main Laraform\Laraform instance.


Name Type Default Description
schema object - List of elements to be rendered.
component string 'laraform' Vue component to render.
storePath string - Vuex store (state) path.
model string - Name of model class.
primaryKey string 'id' Name of primary key.
theme string config.theme Theme for the form.
columns array|number - Column sizes definition.
class string - CSS class of form.
classes array - Theme classes override.
labels boolean config.labels Whether label should render for elements without label defined.
formErrors boolean config.formErrors Whether form errors should be displayed above the form.
enableStepsOnLoad boolean config.enableStepsOnLoad Whether steps should be enabled when loading data.
completeStepsOnLoad boolean config.completeStepsOnLoad Whether steps should be enabled & completed when loading data.
layout string - Form layout.
buttons array - Form buttons.
tabs array - Tabs descriptor.
wizard array - Wizard descriptor.
wizardControls boolean true Whether wizard controls should appear when using wizard.
with array - Additional "data" props to set for the form.
messages array - Custom validation messages.
multilingual boolean false Whether or not the form is multilingual.
locale string config.locale Locale of the form.
language string config.language Default language of form when multilingual.
languages array config.languages Array of languages to use.
endpoint string config.endpoint Endpoint to where the form will be submitted.
method string config.method Method how the form should be submitted.
timezone string config.timezone Timezone of the app.
userTimezone string config.userTimezone Fixed timezone of the user.
validateOn string config.validateOn Validated form on these events.
key integer|string - Key of current entity.
invalid boolean false Determine if form is invalid.
validated boolean false Determine if form has been validated.
data array [] Form data.
updates updates [] Contains any data that has been generated during processing data, like new IDs. Can be used to forward to the frontend to update values.


# validate() @returns {void} @public

Validates form.

# load() @returns {Laraform} @public

  • data array|integer : data or entity ID to be loaded.

Loads data to form.

# save() @returns {void} @public

Saves data.

# render() @returns {string} @public

Renders form DOM element.

# with() @returns {Laraform} @public

Sets the 'with' property.

# on($event, $callback) @returns {void} @public

  • event string : event to subscribe.
  • callback callback : callback to call when the event is fired.

Subscribes to event.

# fail($message, $payload = []) @returns {array} @public

  • message string : response message.
  • payload array : response payload (optional).

Creates a fail response.

# success($message = null, $payload = []) @returns {array} @public

  • message string : response message (optional).
  • payload array : response payload (optional).

Creates a success response.

# schema() @returns {array} @public

Returns the schema of element definitions.

# buttons() @returns {array} @public

Returns on array of button definitions.

# wizard() @returns {array} @public

Returns wizard schema definition.

# tabs() @returns {array} @public

Returns tabs schema definition.

# messages() @returns {array} @public

Returns custom validation message definitions.

# setData($data) @returns {void} @public

  • data array : data to set.

Sets form data.

# setKey($key) @returns {void} @public

  • key integer|string : entity key to be set.

Sets entity's key.

# getKey() @returns {integer|string} @public

Returns entity's key.

# hasKey() @returns {boolean} @public

Determines if entity's key is set.

# getEntity() @returns {Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model} @public

Returns entity based on current key. Works only if the element list contains a key field for primary key.

# database->getEntity() @returns {Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model} @public

Returns the last touched entity from database (when using save).

# hasModel() @returns {boolean} @public

Determines if model is set.

# getValidator() @returns {Laraform\Validation\Validator} @public

Returns the underlying validator instance.

# isInvalid() @returns {boolean} @public

Determines if form is invalid.

# isValidated() @returns {boolean} @public

Determines if form is validated.

# getErrors() @returns {array} @public

Returns form errors.

# setKeyFromData() @returns {void} @public

Sets entity key from current form data.

# addToUpdates($updates) @returns {void} @public

  • updates array : data to add to updates.

Merges data to current updates.

# getUpdates() @returns {array} @public

Returns form udpates.

# setElements() @returns {void} @public

Recreates form elements based on schema. Need to be used when changing initial schema.

# setMethod($method) @returns {Laraform} @public

  • method array : method type. Possible values: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE.

Sets form method.

# setEndpoint($endpoint) @returns {Laraform} @public

  • endpoint array : endpoint.

Sets endpoint where the form should submit.

# getComponent() @returns {string} @public

Returns component name.

# getFormKey() @returns {string} @public

Generates the form key which is used to identify the backend form when using auto-processing.

# getSchema($side) @returns {array} @public

  • side string : converts schema to backend or frontend format.

Returns form schema.

# getButtons() @returns {array} @public

Returns buttons.

# getWizard() @returns {array} @public

Returns wizard.

# getTabs() @returns {array} @public

Returns wizard.

# getMessages() @returns {array} @public

Returns messages.

# getTheme() @returns {string} @public

Returns form theme.

# getLocale() @returns {string} @public

Returns form locale.

# getLanguage() @returns {string} @public

Returns form default language.

# getLanguages() @returns {string} @public

Returns available languages for form.

# getEndpoint() @returns {string} @public

Returns submission endpoint.

# getMethod() @returns {string} @public

Returns submission method.

# getTimezone() @returns {string} @public

Returns app timezone.

# getUserTimezone() @returns {string} @public

Returns user timezone.

# getValidateOn() @returns {string} @public

Returns validateOn.

# getColumns() @returns {array} @public

Returns columns.

# getLabels() @returns {string} @public

Retrieves labels.

# getLayout() @returns {string} @public

Retrieves layout.

# getFormErrors() @returns {string} @public

Retrieves formErrors.

# toProp() @returns {string} @public

Transforms form to JSON which can be passed to the component as prop.