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Laravel Form Builder with Vue.js

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PHP Vue.js

namespace App\Forms;

class LoginForm extends \Laraform
  public $component = "login-form";

  public function schema() {
    return [
      "email" => [
        "type" => "text",
        "label" => "Email address",
        "rules" => "required|email",
      "password" => [
        "type" => "password",
        "label" => "Password",
        "rules" => "required"
      "remember" => [
        "type" => "toggle",
        "text" => "Remember me"

  public function after() {
    return \Auth::attempt(["email" => $this->data["email"], "password" => $this->data["password"]], $this->data["remember"]) ? $this->success("Login successful") : $this->fail("Login failed");

  export default {
    name: 'login-form',
    mixins: [Laraform],
    data: () => ({
      buttons: [{
        label: 'Login',
        class: 'btn-primary'
    created() {
      this.on('success', (response) => {

      this.on('fail', (response) => {
        alert(response.messages[0]) // Maybe try / admin? 🤔
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Server-Side Processing

Simply assign an Eloquent model to your existing forms to achieve out of the box relational data processing.

Two-Sided Validation

Define your validation rules for both frontend and backend using Laraform’s 54 Laravel compatible frontend validators.

Separated Libraries

Laraform was designed to be very flexible and extendable. It comes with two separate libraries which you can use together or standalone.

Advanced functionality

Create Even the Most Complex Forms with Ease

Nested elements

Never worry again about having nested or repeatable elements in your form. Laraform has you covered.

Conditional logic

Dynamize your form elements with conditions. Laraform helps you create a flawless and enjoyable user experience.

Multiple file uploads

Accept multiple files using a single line of code. Laraform covers you on the frontend and the backend too.

Laravel Eloquent Forms
Improved speed & efficiency

Integrate with Existing Eloquent Models

Connect easily with existing Eloquent models and save time writing additional processing logic.

ORM Support

Get out of the box Eloquent support with relationships by simply assigning a model to a form.

Processing Hooks

Customize processing logic by relying on backend hooks and implement custom solutions.

Speak A Common Language

Standardize the Creation of Forms Across Projects

Laraform unifies the creation of forms, allowing developers to speak a common language.

Better Collaboration

Your team now speaks the same language when it comes to forms, enhancing collaboration.

Easier Outsourcing

You not only create forms faster but a huge part of your project also becomes easily outsourceable.

Laravel Dynamic Forms

Limitless & Customizable to Your Needs

Custom Elements

Laraform aims to constantly extend its element library. Of course, you can also write your own.

Custom Themes

Create a theme once and use it for all your projects. Feel free to share what you’ve created!

Custom Validators

Not satisfied with the 54 Laravel compatible validators Laraform offers? Create your own easily.

Custom Templates

Place your form elements in any structure. Laraform gives you free rein when creating templates.

Two Libraries - One Goal

Laraform is a full-stack library that supercharges and standardizes the entire form building process.

Renders Form

Define your form in a JSON fast and easy or customize it through templates and hooks.

Validates On Frontend

With 54 Laravel compatible validators, rules that work on the backend now work on the frontend too.

Submits Data

Submit form data with the default submission process or write one completely on your own.

Handles Response

Manage server responses in the same place where your form is defined via events and hooks.

Renders Vue Component

Define your form in the same structure as if it were on the frontend and simply render the Vue component.

Validates On Backend

Laraform plays well with Laravel and therefore it uses its already existing backend validation logic.

Processes Data

Laraform automatically connects to your existing Eloquent models, but you can write custom logic too.

Sends Response

Customize your server response by using different hooks at the same place where your form is defined.


Once you start using Laraform, we guarantee you’ll never want to create forms the old way again.

Two-sided Validation

Define your validation rules once and have them working on both frontend and backend.

54 Frontend Validators

Laraform comes with 54 Laravel compatible frontend validators that work exactly the same way.

Eloquent Support

Laraform supports Eloquent ORM out of the box, allowing you to connect forms to existing models.

Multiple File Uploads

Accept multiple files using a single line of code covering both the frontend and the backend.

34 Built-In Elements

Basic and advanced form elements including file uploads, gallery or WYSIWYG editor.

Nested Elements

Group and object elements help you cover relationships and create more advanced interfaces.

Repeatable Elements

Never worry about adding list-type data in your forms. With Laraform you can repeat anything.

Translatable Elements

Translate your fields into different languages by simply using their translatable pair.

Conditional Logic

Enhance user experience by offering dynamic form fields that always accommodate to context.

Form Wizard

Break your fields into steps and let the user go through even the most complex ones smoothly.


Laraform offers easy i18n for everything, including texts, dates, etc.


Create themes on your own or select one from our ever-expanding theme library.

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