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Address Group Element

An element equivalent to Address element using flat data structure which is more like a Group instead of the original element's object structure.


Name Type Description
schema object Schema of a child elements.


Name Type Default Description
fields object {...} Fields of the address. By default has the following text type elements: address, address2, zip, city, state, country.
main string 'address' Key of element which should trigger the address suggestion.
children$ object {} Child components.
custom boolean - Determines whether custom fields are used.


# .getStateCode(state) @returns {string}

  • state string : written name of the state.

Returns US state code for a written state name.

# .reset()

Resets the element to it's default state.


# children

  • el$ object : The element component.

Contains the children of the element.


# addressChange(suggestion)

  • suggestion object : an object containing address suggestion.

Triggered when an address is selected. If not defined, by default the suggestions are