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Reach out to us at least 30 days before your license renewal is due and we will provide you a unique discount code that can be used to renew any license with 30% discount for next year's price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Developer & Company licenses are different? The main difference is the period of time you can use Laraform for development purposes.

If you purchase a Developer license you can use Laraform for development for 1 year. After 1 year the projects you have already released into production will still operate but you won't be able to create new projects. Also, projects that include Laraform (in production or development) cannot be changed until either Laraform is removed from their source code or the license is renewed.

If you purchase a Company you can use Laraform for development without time limit. This means that you are able to create new projects or work on existing ones without renewing the license. However, after 1 year you'll no longer have access to updates, support, npm registry and any other benefit that is provided by the package, unless you renew.
What is subscription based license? The subscription based license means that you are only able to use Laraform for development purposes if you have an active subscription. The projects that are already in production are not affected by an expired subscription, but if you want to update the production code base, first you have to remove Laraform or renew the subscription.
Can I use Laraform on more than one project? Absolutely! You can use Laraform on as many projects as you want as long as you don't publish publicly unminified source code.
Can I upgrade from Developer to Company license? Yes, if you'd like to extend your license to activate more users, increase support level or use it as a legal entity you can upgrade at a prorated price. Just look for Manage option at your license and choose Upgrade.
How can I use Laraform with Composer and npm? After purchasing a license you will be able to use Laraform via Composer and npm using our private package reigstry. To do so you only need to add an access to your license with an email address & password combo and the next time you will try to require Laraform from our private registry you will be able to include it in your projects using those credentials. Please refer to our Installation guide for more information.
Can I edit source code? Yes, after purchasing Laraform you are allowed to modify its source code as long as you don't publish them publicly.
Can I use Laraform for open source projects? No, you are not allowed to use Laraform in open source projects or publish its source code, while you can do so with Commuity Edition.

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